Darling it was red...

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Outfit - 
Jumper - AWear
Skirt - Topshop
Necklace - Camden Market
Boots - Topshop

Hey there! Gosh it feels like forever since my last outfit post, oops! Sorry about that! But never mind! I hope you've had good weekends so far! 
This was little ol' me today. A pretty simple outfit; for popping into town and then to the walk in centre (hospitally place). Long story, baso, i've hurt my knee but haven't the fogyest how. So my mum wanted to make sure there was nothing drastically wrong with it. It's not broken anyway, so yano, I'll survive. It just hurts! But never mind! 
My jumper is one I got for a Christmas meal two years ago, and i actually really love the colour. I don't wear much red, so it's nice to have in my wardrobe. Especially as it's a jumper, so it's great for the colder months (like now).
Today I decided to pair it with my topshop black skater skirt, which i absolutely love as it's so so so versatile  And goes with literally everything! It's only downside is, that for petite little moi it's a bit too long. Although solving that problem isn't too hard, i just have to wear it a little higher up than my other skirts. But it's still pretty awesome, and a complete wardrobe staple! 
What have you done today? Have you got a black skater skirt?
Are you meant to be getting snow tomorrow?  
 Love and cuddles
God bless
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12 comments on "Darling it was red..."
  1. I love that skirt. I really need to get round to investing in some basics :) I don't think I own a plain black skirt. That's terrible. Ahaha.



  2. Cute outfit! Love the red! xx


  3. You hair looks great and super cute necklace. xA

  4. Awww, you look sooo cute! I really like your oversized jumper, I bet it's super cosy. :)

    The Style Rawr!

  5. I like the jumper and I can relate to you since, I don't wear that much red color either, but now I've been starting to like it more! :)

    Much love,
    The Cabinet Of Fashion blog

  6. I love red, i wear a lot of it lol! i super love this outfit.. great skirt! hope your knee feels better soon lovely xx

  7. Such a cute outfit! The necklace is so cool too! :)

    Coral x x
    Corals Closet

  8. Love your necklace!

    xo Jennifer


  9. love this post, super cute!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  10. You look so super cute!

    I have this super great give away going on where you can win a super nice gift voucher!
    Huge hugs http://www.gittemary.com/

  11. Love the colour of the jumper. Great outfit :)


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