It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Outfit - 
Jacket - Topshop
T-shirt - Topshop
Shorts - AWear
Gloves - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Topshop
Bag - Maltese Market 

Hey everyone!
 EEEP! Its December today! Which means its nearly Christmas! So so exited! Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year, without a shadow of a doubt! Oh and on another note, Sorry I've been a bit MIA this week. College work and life took its toll, and I've been mega busy! But I'm back, and hopefully back to my old blogging self! 
Today me and my parents made a trip down to London to visit Camden Market, to do some Christmas shopping and wandering around. Me and my mum went to Camden this time last year, and in the summer, when we went to London for my birthday. But this time we took my dad too and went on a little family adventure. 
Camden Market is amazing! I absolutely love going, and if you live in London or are visiting (like us) then you should defo go and have a look around! Especially around this time of year, as its amazing for Christmas presents. 
Me and my parents are gonna go back some point during the summer, either for mine or my mums birthday. Why? Because around half of the market is food stalls, and most of the flipping world is represented. It just smells amazing! But its the 1st of December and freaking freezing, and well, we didn't really fancy sitting outside in the cold to eat lunch. So we're gonna go back when its warmer, and stay for the whole day and travel the world in food. Or something along those lines, according to my dad anyhow. (he's in the third from the bottom picture with me). 
I completely and utterly recommend you guys go and visit if you're ever in the area! You can get some of the most amazing things! Clothes, jewelry, food, art, everything! And at pretty decent prices too, which is always a plus. I haven't really got a haul to show you guys, as the things I got were either for my mum or my friends. Or anything that was for me, was Christmas presents from my parents or Grandparents. (My nan likes me to pick my presents, rather than her get me things I don't want) So I didn't actually get anything for myself. Except some amazing looking chocolate which I'll probs tweet about over the next few days so look out for that! Like they look mind bogglingly good! Think, Cadburys's with jelly, jelly beans and popping candy! My tummy's already rumbling   
My outfit today was a rather go-to Holl outfit really, oh and wasn't the best for the freezing December weather! But never mind! I always seem to be terrible at dressing for winter! I wore my fave topshop dinosaur t-shirt, with my (in the words of Nicole Scherzinger) amazeballs AWear sale floral shorts. (I think somewhere in the back of my mind it's still summer!) I then added my topshop leather jacket and boots, with my Dottie P's fingerless gloves! (always good for winter, gloves). I did take my Newlook beanie hat to wear if I got too cold(here), but my mum ended up wearing it instead. Go figure! 
But it's the first of December, which means Christmas is coming! So keep your eyes out lovelies, I've got Christmas posts arriving, in all shapes and sizes!
Are you exited for Christmas? Have you got a go-to outfit? Have you been to Camden Market?   
Love and cuddles
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9 comments on "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... "
  1. Oh Camden, I miss you so much !


  2. I love your t shirt! I got the dinosaur jumper :)! I'm yet to go to Camden Market! Must do soon :)

    Robyn Mayday

  3. ooooh camden, how i love that place *.* lucky you ;)
    and i really wanted to say thanks for your genuine comment, so sweet :) I'm glad you liked the bibleverse, it's always so lovely to meet fellow believers on the internet (heyhooo - we are sisters in christ, yay!) be blessed xx

  4. Awesome photos, I'm going to London on Friday for the weekend and can't wait!


  5. This looks so cool! I love your outfit. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. Love your shorts so cute! xx


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