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Thursday, 4 October 2012
Wembley from the coach on the car park

 My outfit of the day, before we left the house for Wembley.

 Just arriving on the coach
 Me and my wonderful mummy in our seats at Wembley.
 Wembley filled with nearly 40,000 Christians worshipping and praying.

Outfit- topshop jumper, AWear shorts, topshop leather jacket

You may be wandering why I'm showing you pictures from Wembley stadium. Well: last Saturday was the NDOP - Or the National Day of Prayer Wembley. A HUGE ASS Christian event, where nearly 40,000 (not too sure on the exact numbers) gathered together at Wembley stadium. So no, I didn't go to a football match! That would've been mega boring. I'm really not at all a football girl of any sort. It was an awesome awesome awesome day! And if you ever want to know about Jesus or being a Christian then please ask. I really truly don't mind! 
I'm aware that this isn't my usual sort of post. But I'm not just a fashion blog but a lifestyle blog too. That means every part of my little life could be mentioned or talked about at some point; and my faith and relationship with Jesus is a HUGE part of my life.  
I live in Stoke-on-Trent, so the coach journey to Wembley (London) was a ridiculously long one. It was 4 hours there and 4 hours back. It could've been a lot worse than it was I guess, and I made sure I had a lot of things to keep me occupied and entertained. I get bored so easily you see! 
I had to make sure I had warm clothes on, because well Wembley has an open roof and it does get rather cold. It was one of the last days of September, so cold was to be expected really. My topshop jumper was perfect; snuggly and warm! My outfit is one that I've already featured, here. Although a difference to the outfit is my leather jacket, and my necklace. I switched my glasses necklace for my lolly pop one.
The whole event was the most amazing experience. Standing in Wembley Stadium, freaking Wembley stadium for crying out loud. Surrounded by thousands and thousands of other people who believe the same thing as me! My faith and relationship with Jesus is the most important thing to me, and to be stood surrounded on every side by people who felt the same was just pure awesome. To see people of every age, gender, class and from most places tiny or massive around the country standing together in love and unity, just made me realise how un-alone I am. That actually I'm part of a family, a community that doesn't just exist in the place I'm from or am living in. But exists and is growing all around this country and made me realise that actually Disney are right; "it is a small world after all". And that the world is full of people who love and are passionate about the same guy I am!
I'm sorry if this post isn't what you like or expected from me, but just indulge me! It was an awesome event, and really opened my eyes to this crazy world we live in. Maybe you've had an experience that's opened your eyes to the world, if so let me know! 
Love and cuddles
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