Have you lost your mind or has she taken all of yours too?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

T-shirt - Newlook
Vest top/camisole - Primark
Shorts - TK Maxx
Leather Jacket - Topshop
Student ID - College 

Hi there lovelies! Hope your week's have started well! This is the outfit I wore to college today and plan on wearing when I go to my friends later. 
Today, I managed to get away with wearing my leather jacket to college for the first time in about 2.5 weeks! Eeek! This made me happy! Today you got a sneak peak of my student ID. We have to wear them all the time at college, for safety reasons or something? I took it off when I took my jacket off, so it stayed on for the photo today. My ID has been the reason why I haven't been wearing as many necklaces recently, as it's just annoying having two things clonking around my neck and making a noise all the time. 
My t-shirt was a present from one of my friends for my birthday in July. And well, being honest it's not something I would've picked myself. The style, picture on the front and big slits down the side are things that definitely, would have put me off buying it. But I kept the t-shirt anyway, and I have to admit it's grown on me over the time I've had it. Before the summer I paired it with the jeans I wore in my last post, so although it doesn't look it, it's quite a versatile item. I thought it looked really good with my flowery shorts, as they both have the same purpley grey tones in them. I generally liked this outfit, and it was mega comfy and easy to wear for roaming around college. 
The only downside to the t-shirt is the big slits down the side. It's great for summer by the pool or on the beach with your bikini. But for every day wearing, I'm just not that comfortable showing everything to the world. But problem solved, vest tops or cami's are the best! I wore my black primark (atmosphere) vest top/cami underneath, and it looked fine! It's not an exact colour match with the top, but I really like the look it gave and meant I wasn't flashing my tummy area to everyone who walked past. 
Those of you who visit my blog regularly will notice that these skirt-alike shorts are something I've been wearing quite a lot recently. I love how I can look girly with the flowery pattern yet not have to worry about holding my skirt down or making sure I'm not flashing after I've been to the loo. Flowery patterns are a favourite of mine, and I just wish I had more t-shirts with patterns like the one on my shorts, in my wardrobe.
If you go to college/sixth form do you have to wear ID's or did you have to wear them? Do you like yours? What do you think of the way I styled my t-shirt? Would you have put a vest top/cami underneath? 
Love and cuddles
Holl JC xxxx
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