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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Leather Jacket-Topshop
Necklace- Shop on holiday
Earrings- Forever 21
A pretty simple outfit today, and another that is teeming with Topshop clobber. This outfit is inspired by one I saw on this blog, although I haven't got a clue which post or how long ago it was from.
I have a love affair with my leather jacket, and I'll pretty much throw it on top of anything possible. Although when we get into the really cold winter weather I have to switch coats as my LJ doesn't fit layers underneath. Unless I want to be really uncomfortable and practically unable to move, that is.
I got my black Jersey skirt at some time around June, as I'd wanted a black skirt that I could wear with all different things for AGES! And I really can, I can style it up or down and wear it with most styles or trends. The only downfall is that it picks things up really easily, and before I'd even left the house was covered in little tiny bits of fluff. I'm not sure if the skirt I've put on the link is the exact one I've got but it's pretty similar, and at £15 I think its a steal! For a cashless 16 year old bus using student, that's really good! Especially for Topshop, as it can be extremely pricey!
My t-shirt is a wardrobe staple, plain grey top. Which I think all wardrobes need, as they go with anything and don't give the really dark look that black t-shirts do.
You can't see my earrings very well, but they're blacky bluey greeny feathers from Forever 21. I really like feather earrings, although at the moment these are the only ones I've got.
Have you got any feather earrings? Have you got anything in your wardrobe you've got a love affair with? What do you think of £15 for a skirt similar to mine?
Love and cuddles
Holl JC xxxx
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