Everything was black and white..

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Playsuit- Urban Outfitters
Vest Top(pink) - Topshop
Necklace- shop on holiday

This was me today! I kinda had to get ready in a bit of a rush, but I'd sort of planned ahead what I was going to wear. Sort of. Basically meaning, I had an idea but knowing me I could've changed my mind at the last minute. But this is what I wore to go out, and to go to church today. 
My Playsuit is from urban outfitters. I absolutely love it! The fabric is so soft, and its just a really cute yet comfy item to wear. Its also really easy to wear, and the pattern is really unusual too, which is even better! Because of the cut of it, you have to wear something underneath or you end up flashing your boobs. Well you don't have to wear anything underneath if you don't want to but I prefer todo so; as flashing my upstairs lady area to the world really isn't my thing. 
Today I wore my light/baby pink topshop vest top with my playsuit. My mum got it for me last summer, with a green one before we went on holiday. Its a really soft t-shirt, and is a lovely colour; one of my favorite's actually . With the playsuit being black and white you can wear any number of different colour vest tops or cami's underneath it. When I originally brought it I just wore a plain black cami underneath but more recently I've been wearing skin colour, green and baby pink items under it too. I think any block coloured t-shirt or vest top would match this playsuit really, and can give it a multitude of different looks. 
Again I paired my outfit with my lolly pop necklace which is featured; and with my un-featured black studded loafers and leather jacket. Which I've shown in previous posts. 
Have you got any black and white dresses or playsuits? What other colours or items do you match them with?
Love and cuddles
Holl JC xxxx 
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  1. Love it!
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