Monday, 10 September 2012
Leather Jacket-Topshop
T-shirt- Topshop
Necklace- Shop on holiday
Today was my first day of my first full week at college. The weather was more autumn England like, meaning it drizzled all morning. And I got a wet on the way to college, hence why my hair looks a bit frizzy.
I was pretty much kitted out top to toe topshop today! I literally wear my leather jacket with EVERYTHING! It's a great wardrobe staple! And with it being black it means it goes with everything, and the style matches anything! I also wore one of my favourite t-shirts today! My dinosaur one, hence the roar for the name of the post! I absolutely love dinosaurs, and this t-shirt is covered in them! I also really like the style of the shoulders on it. I think it might be my favourite type of shoulder for t-shirts, although this the only one I have in this style at the moment. Blue jeans are a total classic! And you can mix and match them with a lot of different styles. I find although pricey topshop jeans always last and wear really well, and so are a pretty good investment. I have two pairs of topshop jeans at the moment, these and a redy plumy colour pair, although they're different types.
Have you got a t-shirt with your favourite animal on? Have you got a favourite style of t-shirt?
Love and cuddles
Holl JC xxxx
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