Is that really me?

Monday, 19 March 2018

Last week I did a very fun shoot with an old friend of mine, Tamar Willoughby. Tamar and I went to school and youth group together, and have known each other for years. For as long as I've known Tamar she's always loved photography, and over the last few months she's decided she wants to turn her hobby into a career and launch her own business/career in photography. 
We headed over to a local garden centre to shoot, and Tamar really did work her magic with the photographs! I ended up having over 200 pictures to choose from, but for this post I've compiled a very small selection of my favourites.  

If you live in the Staffordshire, Cheshire area and are looking for a photographer to do a family, portrait, couples, wedding, or any other type of shoot definitely head over and check Tamar's website out! There's a direct link above! 

God Bless
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