The Finish Line

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Well, well, well. May haven't you been a long and eventful month ey! 
May has felt like one of the longest months ever and in some ways has been one of the most challenging too. In the last few weeks I've pretty much finished my degree, handing all my final work in within a 7 day period! Yep, it was bloomin' intense to say the least! But I made it through! As usual at the end of one month and beginning of the next I've pulled together all the snaps I captured on my Instagram account into one post, to create a nice lil' space to check back on all the happenings of the last month! 
Take me back to Tokyo where the streets were endless, the food was fantastic and the laughter was continuous /  Somewhere down the line i blinked and the last 3 years happened. Now I have a degree show picture and it'll all be over in a month. Say wahhhh? /  Nothing like a trip to Annie's with good friends to brighten a day /  One step at a time /  Todays a day for gingham and roses, although I've massively overestimated the weather and now i'm off to go and find my coat /  Lunch with Dad before getting back to the chained to my laptop uni work life 
#mentalhealthawarenessweek /  Today's blog post is inspired by Megan Ellaby's recent statement tee haul. I've compiled an edit of some of my favourite outfits, past and present, that feature statement tees. It was a fun ol' walk down memory lane putting this post together, some of the outfits are even from when I used to take the pictures myself on self timer, if you check it out I hope you enjoy /  Happiest when eating good food /  Dressing like a sunflower to match todays glorious weather /  After over a year of work my dissertation/final major project is actually handed in! Goodbye dissertation, I'd like to say it was a pleasure but at times you were a nightmare. Now you're handed in and over, 50% of my degree is finished in one day, this is a bizarre feeling, but so much relief /  One battle of the bands, a few pints and one very big red light. This is defo one way to celebrate handing my diss in
Dreaming of being in Paris again, but alas the degree comes first, so wearing my Pariee inspired tee will have to do /  Last weekends vvvv summery outfit is new on the blog this morning, with me looking like a walking talking sunflower /  They say time flies. The past year really has passed in the blink of an eye, I can't quite believe that this day was a year ago. Still one of my all time favourite days ever /  This is the smile of a girl who has finally finished her degree. The past 12 months have not been the easiest and there were a lot of moments when I didn't think I'd get to this day. Struggling with my own mental health and family illness have made the last year one of the hardest, on top of the pressures of finishing my degree it feels like I pretty much crawled my way to the finish line. But, somehow, I made it to the finish line! I've completed my degree and my work has even been chosen to go to Graduate Fashion Week. I did it! Now its time to breathe and celebrate! /  Nothing like a happy hour hop to put a smile on a girls face /  When life gives you lemons wear your brightest trousers 

God Bless

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  1. Congrats on graduating! I just did too!


  2. congrats! loving the pops of colors with the yellows are reds.

  3. Congratulations! Love the denim jumpsuit, such a cool outfit for summer
    Feel free to check out my latest post x


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