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Sunday, 2 April 2017
Well, well, well, we're here again. 
I really can't believe March is over, but it is! 
March was a month filled with wanderlust and dreaming, oh and I also got my first tattoo, which was pretty major! It was also a very busy month when it comes to my uni work, as I had a huge deadline on the last day of the month! 
This post is a lil' round up of my March, with a little bit of help from my Instagram account! If ya want to follow me my user name is @Holljc or you can check my account out, here.
I can't believe this was only a year ago! I miss those days /  Eating this right about now would make me one very happy gal /  Puppy cuddles would be perfect right about now /  "You should go and love yourself" Oh @urbanoutfitters what an encouraging babe /  Gal dates are my favourite /  Take me back /  
Shooting with Emily means endless amounts of giggles and smiles, oh and cooing at adorable dog /  After a good 5 years of thinking about it, today i finally bit the bullet and got my first tattoo (please ignore my cancles) /  Happy #internationalwomensday2017 to you fierce, kind, strong, passionate, beautiful women. This isn't just our day, but our week, month, year and life! May these be lifetimes of encouragement, love and championing each other. Cause together we are stronger /  If only I could be back in the peace and tranquility of Tokyo /  Feeling sad, stressed or hungover this morning? I have the perfect thing, as todays new blog post is another round of blogging bloopers featuring me being blown away, looking vvvvv grumpy or just being my normal silly self  /  A trip to @anniesburgershack never fails, plus lunch dates with @lloyd_cooke are always ma fave  
Technology is sometimes a right royal pain in the bum but when it lets ya skype your oldest, fabulous-est friend when she's on the other side of the world at uni in NZ its pretty great /  A new blog post went live this morning (shockkkk) featuring these vvv fancy statement sleeves /  If anyone fancies running away with me to Disneyland please hollaaaa /  Talking all things guilty pleasures, from TV to food, in todays new spring time blog post /  Know exactly how the celebrities from I'm a celeb feel atm, get me outta here /  As some of you will know breast cancer is something that has had a massive impact on my family over the last few years. So when i heard @girlstolelondon's story i wanted to help (as much as a lil' hobbit could) @girlstolelondon has designed a collection of amazing slogan tshirts. The proceeds from this go to a breast cancer charity, and to help her maintain a lil' normality whilst going through her cancer treatment. To hear about it all in her own words check out @girlstolelondon's website

Stressful seminars & print fairs are making me dream of warmer climates and far away lands /  That moment you spot a really cute dog whilst taking outfit pictures! This outfit is up on the blog today along with a link to @girlstolelondon's website where you can read her story in her own words and also pick up your own fabulous kick ass statement tee! #girlvscancer /  Mother's Day afternoon tea treat for my fave /  Cherry blossom hues and statement sleeves, this lil' Holly Pocket is so ready for spring /  Happy Mother's Day to my loving, strong, kind, brave, gracious, beautiful mum! The last few years have not been the easiest, yet every day you teach me what true courage, kindness and strength are. You're my hero and a true inspiration mum, love you /  Feeling all the spring vibes in todays new blog post, although looking out the window it definitely doesn't seem as lovely or sunny today

God Bless

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