Spectacle of bright lights

Thursday, 2 March 2017
To say that February flew by is an understatement, I really do feel like I blinked and it all happened without me noticing! 
Overall February 2017 was a pretty great month, and will always be remembered as the month that I got to visit Tokyo, a city that is now up there as one of my all time favourites. 
When it comes to Instagram February saw lots of blue skies, lots of big smiles and lots of good food! You guys know the drill by now, todays post is a lil' look back on all the happenings of February through the lens of my Instagram account! If you like what you see and fancy following the daily snaps and struggles of a stressed out third year, then my user name is @Holljc 
Cotton candy clouds are my favourite /  Happy Birthday to my selfless, strong, caring, kind, encouraging, loving dad. You're my biggest supporter and always put others (including me) first. Thanks for being the bestest. Have a great day, see ya in a few hours /  Stumbling upon idilic streets in the middle of the loud and bustling city centre is just /  In absolute cookie dough heaven, although I definitely think i'ma need wheeling home /  New hair vibes /  Dads birthday meal no.2 
Sparkles and space, todays Bowie inspired blog post has it all /  Pre-packing brunch /   After what feels like the longest 24 hours of my life, we've finally arrived in Tokyo /  Breakfast with the most incredible view /  Never has a cake stop looked so cute /  Big lights will inspire ya, or somethang like that right?
Team Tokyo /  We got very very Very lost, soaked and snowed on, but our photobooth pictures were the cutest so all is not totally lost /  I just can't get over how incredible this city is /  Mount Fuji you were a rollercoaster but a beauty! Taaa for the giggles and grams /  Japan has the cutest of houses! Can I have this one please and thank you /  Disney day was just magical
Disney food never fails me /  Me and Chip & Dale had a cracking day at good ol' Disneyland! /  BEST DAY EVAAA /  The last few days have been perfection /  Blue skies and skylines. In love with this city, I never want to leave! /  Street food and nick nacks galore on the way to one very beautiful Japanese shrine
Girl band mode: ACTIVATED /  Already got the holiday blues and we haven't even left yet /  Who needs a boy when you can spend valentines day with your girls walking around a Japanese national park in the sun eating ice cream /  Goodbye Tokyo. Thank you for an incredible week full of adventures, expeditions, laughs, sights, smiles and amazingness. Oh, and fantastic food and good friends too /   I would much prefer to be exploring in the sunshine rather than sat on a coach in rainy England /  Get in ma belllyyyyyy
This mornings newest blog post is my Tokyo photo diary, featuring a collection of my favourite pictures from my amazing holiday to Toks! /  Reppin' my new fave city /  My disposable shots from Tokyo are the cutest /  Eating breakfast isn't the same without this incredible view /  Oh Tokyo /  Finally got a new outfit post up on the blog today, bit of a wintery colour combo, but i enjoy it all the same
/   Day dreaming my way through the day /   Channeling my inner Disney fan girl in my most recent, very pink, blog post /  Days like today I have to try and be positive and focus on the good stuff. So, today I am grateful for the fact I was able to tick multiple things off my bucket list this month, including visiting Tokyo Disneyland /  I love this

God Bless
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  1. I was in Tokyo for San Valentine's day...it's an amazing town


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