Blogging Bloopers Round 3

Thursday, 9 March 2017
Whilst writing this it's January, but this post is coming to you at the beginning of March.
I can imagine that by this point in the year I'll be stressed with uni work and drowning in pieces of paper and sketch books, oh and knee deep in trying to write my dissertation.
So stressed out Holly (and any other stressed out people) grab yourself a brew and take 5 minutes to have a break because this post is for you! The third of my blogging bloopers posts and a chance for everyone to have a good ol' giggle at some of these very beautiful pictures.  
All that's left to say is, enjoy! 

God Bless 
2 comments on "Blogging Bloopers Round 3 "
  1. I love these! You're too cute! I have some absolute howlers in my photo archives! I love the last one haha! x


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