Tokyo Photo Diary

Friday, 17 February 2017
A couple of days ago I got back from the most amazing week and half in Tokyo, Japan. 
As part of my uni course a whole group of us spent 8 days or so in the incredible city of Tokyo. I'm going to make a very, very big statement and say that I'm about 95% sure that it was my favourite and best holiday/trip, ever! Yes, I know, that's a pretty huge statement, but I stand by it! 
The 26+ hours travelling and the jet lag (it's currently 6:30am, as I'm writing this) aren't great but apart from that everything about my adventure to Tokyo was just fantastic! From the constant belly laughs to the insane food, the getting very lost to the breath taking view at breakfast (see, here) everything was just amazing. 
We explored so many different parts of Tokyo, and got to experience so many of the different things the Japanese culture had to offer; from Shrines to the Robot Restaurant, Disneyland to Mount Fuji, Harajaku to the Dog Cafe - we literally did it all, and then some! In usual Holly form I've collated my favourite images from the trip (and their was a whole lot of them) and put them together in a photo diary post for you all to check out! I also posted the first of my three Tokyo tavel vlogs on my YouTube channel whilst I was away, so if ya want to check that out or subscribe to see the other two then click, here.   

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7 comments on "Tokyo Photo Diary "
  1. Looks like an amazing trip!! Jealous! xx

    Lauren Rose:

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip, Tokyo has been on the top of my travel list for such a long time now and I'm very jealous of these pictures, haha! :-)

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  3. Gorgeous pictures - it looks amazing! I didn't know they had Disney in Tokyo!

  4. One of the reasons why I love your blog is all of the amazing photo diaries you post. Japan looks amazing Holl!

    Emma at

  5. These photos are incredible!! I'm travelling to Tokyo in a month and I'm so excited!

    Bella x

  6. Great Blog, Great Pics cool to read you

    Amarante x
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