Summer Photo Diary

Friday, 14 October 2016
The day I write this post it's less than 24 hours until I go back to Nottingham. Tomorrow I get in the car and head back to uni for my final year; and with that journey summer is officially over. 
I wish I could say that the last 4 months were everything I wanted them to be, and were the best time ever ever ever. Unfortunately I can't. This summer was long and tiring and challenging and hard, but there were good, happy times along the way too. 
Today I take a look back at the memories of the last 4 months; the many journeys I went on, the places I visited, the experiences I walked through. 
From Nottingham to Paris, Stoke to London, Leicester to Sorrento. From festivals to modern art galleries, hotels to strawberry picking fields, car parks to offices. From Italian mini buses with no air con to walking around the streets of south London, the euro star to a festival of 5000+ students, binge watching tv shows in bed to reading in parks. 
This summer has seen all of the above and so much more, below is a snapshot of my memories, experiences and adventures from this very long summer. A photo diary could never really sum up all that happened, I experienced or walked through, but it's a start and a great place for me to look back on all that I did.

God Bless
6 comments on "Summer Photo Diary "
  1. Sounds like you had a super busy summer! Lovely photos Holl! x

    India Charlotte♥ 

  2. Looks like you've done so much this Summer, its great you got to travel so much x

  3. amazing pictures! You had a blast during summer!

    lu | coco & louis

  4. I love these photos, and your outfits are super cute also!

  5. I've always wanted to do the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea at One Aldwych, looks amazing! What museum did you go to to see the blue balloon sculpture? Jaz X


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