Steady as the stars in the woods, so happy-hearted

Wednesday, 1 June 2016
Wow, we're half way through 2016! How time flies! 
May was a month of friends, fun, and making memories. May is also the month that marked the run up to the end of my 2nd year at uni, which was one of the reasons so many memories were made, as none of us want to leave and none of us want to waste a moment. The run up to the end of uni also meant that May was filled with work work work, as my deadline is now well and truly looming (hello June 3rd) Yet despite the huge amounts of work May really was an amazing month, and I managed to capture quite a lot of those moments on my Instagram, or snippets of them anyway!
As always, here's a round up of what happened in May and remember to follow me over on Instagram, @holljc, if you want to see what I get up to over the 4 months of my very long summer!    
When you find pictures like this on your phone and the weather forecast is predicting rain /  Now that is just perfff /  Sunday Smiles /  Tea and cake to round off a lovely day with the parents /  Before it started raining and I got lipstick all over my face /  My mum knows me too well, this little guy is just so cute! 
I think spring may actually have arrived in Nottingham /  Ice Hockey /  This jacket is a dream! ASOS are killing it at the moment /  Spring has sprung in Nottingham /  Brunchy brunch brunch. Can't believe that this was the final gals breakfast of the year! There's been so much good food eaten and amazing memories made with some fabulous girls this year! /  /
When the sun was shining and the flat hadn't turned into a human cooking oven /  Another day another new blog post featuring me wearing blue /  1st Mr Whippy of the year, beyond happy right now /  When you've got heaps of work todo and about 5 of your body parts have given up, someone save me /  Well it was sunny yesterday! Rain please go away! /  Cocktail o'clock! Celebrating with Laura, go team bestie  
Today's blog post is the final of my holiday posts, featuring lots of blue sea and my vintage blouse /  / Seemingly spring has sprung in Stoke too /  Yesterdays family wedding meant one thing, an ASOS jumpsuit of course /  Dreaming I'm Alexa Chung /  Smiles all round  
Queen B, a real life princess /  My favourite spring outfit is finally up on the blog this evening /  /  All the blossom /  Need more excuses to dress up and wear pretty clothes, this weekend was fun /  Well, it was sunny yesterday 
Pretending to be Alexa Chung this weekend /  Squad jump /  Let's go to the beach /  "The best things in life are the people we love, the places we've been and the memories we've made along the way" /  My most recent blog post is my blogging bloopers including this killer seagull photobomb /  Wednesday morning reminder
Pre-deadline cocktails? Only on FCP /  Today's blog post is my outfit from a family wedding a couple of weeks ago /  Over the last couple of weeks I've seen so many facebook and insta posts about people finishing uni and heading home for the summer, super duper excited about the next few months. Then there's me, clinging onto the next few weeks with an iron grip, trying to fit as many memories in as possible, not wanting this year to end /  Now this would be amazing! Doubt it'll fit in my suitcase but a girl can dream / I wish I could spend my weekend having fun at the beach, rather than being stuck inside doing uni work /  Early birthday lunch for mumma bears birthday /  /  Cocktails and burgers? This place is definitely for me!   


God Bless 

5 comments on "Steady as the stars in the woods, so happy-hearted"
  1. Looks like an amazing month, soon uni stress will be done!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Beautiful set of pictures! x

  3. Awww, so many cute pictures! That ASOS jacket though...

    T x

  4. What a month! Wishing you a lovely, adventure filled June! : D

    Faded Windmills

  5. omg that ASOS jacket!! why have i never seen it and why isn't it in my wardrobe! also, them doughnuts are amazing, have a great june!

    Love Jen,
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