A change in the weather

Tuesday, 3 May 2016
I'm writing this sat on my settee, with a breeze coming through the living room window, a teenage mutant ninja turtles top on and my hair in a top knot, it's the last day of April. I feel like that sums up this past month. April feels like some weird, really quick dream that happened yet didn't at the same time. I honestly don't really have much of a clue what this month was, what it consisted of or what actually happened. But it's now over, and I'm ready for May (kinda)
As always here's my Instagram story of everything that happened in April, the small, big and many moments of 'take me back to another time'! Oh, and cute dog pictures, there was a lot of those!  

Some motivation and inspiration for this grey Monday morning /  Salted caramel cakeshake with lunch? Yes pleaseeeee! Thank you @tspcoffee it was a dream /  You. Me. Oui. /  It's cold and grey. I'm tired and uninspired. So here's a picture of a cutie patootie lil' dog to brighten the morning /  Who knew Stoke knew what street art was, let alone something this beautiful / / 
Can I be Parisienne yet? /  Dream team back together, so of course cocktails have to be on the agenda! /  Dreaming of the warm summer sun of Spain, today's blog post is the first of my holiday posts /  New blog post up today sharing the final lot of my summer 2015 disposable snaps (finally picked them up over Easter) Wish it was this sunny now, so excited for more adventures this summer /  When you find pictures like this on your phone /  Food fight photo shoots? All in a days work for an FCP student   
Mornings spent being a videographer, afternoons spent editing. This uni, fcp, work malarky seems to be coming together. Super duper proud of all we managed to get done today, goooooo teammm /  A new post went up on the blog this evening featuring another of my sunny holiday outfits /  Doughnuts in the sun? Yes pleaseeeee /  Now thats what Friday nights are made for! Friends, fun and fabulousness /  Every family excursion ends up involving a killer photobomb from my dad, including our recent trip to Spain! This, plus more pictures are now up on the blog in a holiday photo diary! /  Inspiration and kind words for the week ahead, I can do this!  
If the warm weather would like to come back that'd be fabulous, i would like to wear more outfits like this, not millions of layers, please and thank you weather! /  Celebratory drinks, well done gals! /  When you've fallen down the hole of adorable dog accounts on Insta, and this beauty appears /  Whittard know what life is all about! /  Pretending I'm not in the library bogged down with work! Take me back to the sun and sea and sand and loveliness! /  Happy Birthday to the kind, generous, funny, sweet, beautiful, all round superstar that is Emily! I hope you have the most fabulous day lovely girl (I don't think I even took half these pictures, but thought you'd appreciate them anyway)

Here's to May my friends, I pray it's good for all and less stressful than I'm anticipating it to be (hello dissertation prep) I pray it's full of happy memories, precious friends and as always tremendous food! 

Lots of love x 

4 comments on "A change in the weather "
  1. I am in love with your instagram at the moment. It seems like it's been a great month for you. Good luck with your dissertation prep this month! xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  2. I love your french bulldog! x

  3. cute photos! adorable dog <3
    have a nice day!~

    xoxo, rae


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