2015 Photo Diary

Tuesday, 12 January 2016
Hey there ladies and gents! 
I hope you're doing well! 
As the title suggests today we're taking a walk down memory lane and looking back on the year that has just ended. Putting this post together has filled me with so much nostalgia and a very very wide range of emotions. 2015 was definitely not a year I saw coming, and one that hit me full force, luckily, very very luckily, I didn't end up a train wreck. But as I spoke about on my Instagram (here) I am consciously choosing to see and remember the best of 2015 despite it's pain and hurt and all the worry that filled it's days. I am choosing to focus on the amazing and joyful moments that happened and the fact that it was a year filled with goodness and love. A year in which friends became family and my heart was overflowing with the laughter and smiles and goodness these friendships brought me. A year in which I grew more than ever before and got so many opportunities to develop myself and my future. Maybe one day I'll feel ready and have the strength and courage to talk about the darkness and clouds that 2015 held, and the sadness that I hid my blog and Instagram from. But for now I focus on the positives and the joyful parts of 2015 and pray that 2016 is filled even more so with the blessings that the last year showed me.  

My first year of uni filled the first months of 2015. It was a crazy couple of months filled with so much laughter and fabulousness, I couldn't have asked for a better end to my first year as a uni student, those last couple of days were spent eating good food, drinking delish cocktails, dancing the night away and giggling until my stomach hurt. The first week of 2015 saw me flying out to New York, a city I'd always dreamed of visiting and boy was it fabulous! I also spent a couple of wonderful days tucked away in the Cotswolds, it's such a beautiful and relaxing part of the country, and I love it!  

The summer months were absolutely crazy for me; filled with festivals, day trips, a birthday and of course many hours of interning. I went to two very different but equally wonderful festivals with my best friends and visited both Liverpool and the seaside (Ramsgate maybe? I dono, I was only there for the day)  we also went to Drayton Manor theme park which was pretty fun! For my 19th birthday we went down to London, I saw the killer Alexander McQueen exhibition and had afternoon tea at the legendary Sketch, plus just got to explore one of my all time favourite cities a little more. 
7 weeks of my rather long summer were spent interning and getting experience in the fashion industry. 5 of those weeks I was with a high end fashion label called Beulah, they dress Kate Middleton and important people like that. It was a super tiring 5 weeks, but the best fashion experience ever as I got to see so many different sides to running a fashion business. I then spent 2 weeks with the super cool Skinny Dip London, a British born accessories label, seeing how social media and communication are done from a brand perspective. Plus I also made an intern bestie, which yano, that was cool!  

Once the summer was finally over I headed back to Notts (and out of stoke) and into a full to the brim 2 months. I literally did not stop for about 4 weeks, it was absolutely mental! The projects and modules I'm currently doing on my fashion communication and promotion cause are fabulous, and I'm loving it sooo much! My friendship group seemed to pretty much double if not triple in about a month and a half, and its just been so fab! Whether we've been celebrating birthdays (lots), eating good food (lots, again) dressing up as the Lion King characters, or playing ridiculous card and board games, life with my uni fam is anything but boring! I also went to an arts festival, a national Christian conference and got to spend a pretty cool few days exploring London and all it's (then) current exhibitions and happenings.    

Ending 2015 was Christmas and another amazing trip to the states! Due to the sad family stuff we couldn't go on holiday this summer, so off we went in December instead! We flew out to one of my favourite places on this entire earth, Walt Disney World and had the most magical and fantastical time! We then came back for a quiet, family Christmas to end this crazy year.

2015 is not a year I am going to forget in a hurry and not just because of it's bad bits. If this post shows one thing, it's that I spent a great deal of this year smiling and in the company of some of the greatest people I've ever had in my life. Although my family has been through the worst we've come out stronger, and thankfully we're all still here! 
I look back with a glad and full heart as to all the blessings God has well and truly placed in my path this year, and look forward to seeing what comes next! 

God bless  
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  1. lovely photos! you look really happy!


  2. Lovely photographs! I love to read your blog!
    -Morgs x

  3. I loved reading this! You have such a cute blog!


  4. amazing pics! Happy 2016 :)


  5. such a lovely post <3 looks like an amazing year for you x



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