The Fall has begun

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Like pretty much every month throughout this year, I cannot believe it's over! I feel like October happened and I hardly noticed, don't really know how that happened to be honest, but hey ho!
As always when a month ends today I'm bringing you my October wrap up, looking back at the many things I instagramed throughout the month from days out to pretty clothes, big smiles and as always lots and lots of good food! Remember to head over and follow me in instaworld if you like what you see (@holljc) and also to get a birds eye view of the adventures I get up to over the next couple of months.
But without further ado here's October's story.   
Please can I have Maisie Williams' wardrobe now please? Actually on second thoughts, could I just be Maisie Williams? /  I couldn't go to the pudding pantry without getting pancakes! /  Nothing like a good ol' lazy Saturday /  When you find the most perfect faux fur scarf in River Island /  So the question stands, how many patterns can I get into one outfit? /  Happy Birthday to my gem of a Bestie! One of the kindest, loveliest, beautifulest and bestest friends a Holly could have! 
/  What other way is there to spend a lazy student afternoon than drinking tea and eating doughnuts? /  New post up all about my favourite Disney Vans shoes /  When it's your best friends 21st and there are giant shiny balloons and good friends and big smiles /  So a 2.5 hour wait for Braderie's kilo sale meant multiple trips into the cafes and restaurants of Notts! Many of which had some absolutely dreamy cakes and puddings /  Thank you Braderie kilo sale! A snuggly new jumper perfect for the colder months!  
/  Talking about pretty playsuits over on the blog /  Another day. another adorable sausage dog card from ma mum This just looks perfect /  #fcpwhatamilike /  "No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up"
Think Wednesday has become doughnut day! Kinda sad that the cold weather is officially upon us. No more summery outfit loving for me /  Monoprinting seminars lead to being covered in pretty pink paint /  Enjoy eating good food or looking at pictures of it? Today's blog post is a long over due restaurantie chat about mine and my mamma's trip to the oh so wonderful Rawr cafe! /  Oh Wollaton you really are a beauty, Sundays are made for afternoons like this /  Dreaming of that happy place 
So I actually looked like a girl yesterday, that was a new one /  Some days uni is great, and we end up covered in paint after teaching Alexa a thing or two about triangles. Other days uni is not so great The famalam came to visit /  What other way is there to spend a Wednesday evening but than going to a bar and playing ping pong /  Now that's what I call a kickass dessert  My favourite outfit from the end of summery period is finally up on the blog, took me long enough 
Asda knows the way to a Christmas loving girls heart! / /  Saturdays spent drinking tea, looking at modern art and pretending to be a Hockley hipster are always fun! 

Goodbye October and hello November! I cannot believe that we're in the penultimate month of 2015, I feel like I blinked and it's practically over. But I'm excited to see what the last two months of this year bring and what the final days and weeks of 2015 have to offer.

God bless
17 comments on "The Fall has begun "
  1. You look so pretty! great pics!

  2. same here, time just flies. but loving the cooler weather

  3. I really loved this post - it is crazy how quickly October went xo

    Emily |

  4. love your instagram.

  5. Great blog,so light and interesting...I read it all the time x

  6. Winter is coming, a new season! Im looking forward to it!

  7. I feel like the last two months always fly by, as there is so much coming up, but then January and February are pretty slow.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  8. I hope that November and December don't fly by, I love them so much! And I don't want to be already in January, I have uni exams! haha
    You look gorgeous on those pics, girl! xx

  9. I completely agree, October has gone so quick! Your pictures are lovely though, and you look like you're definitely making the most of this year. Although, I am super excited for Christmas and I feel like in November you can officially look forward to it lol.

    - - Kendall Jenner Inspired Make-up Look

  10. You're so adorable! And October looks like it was a great month for you! (for me as well :p)


  11. Lovely post! I love October, too bad it's going so fast. xx

  12. such beautiful shots! great blog x

  13. Love this blog, and the photo in that headphone room!

  14. tea and donuts sound great! nice post


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