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Monday, 8 July 2013

A very very long time ago (January), I wrote, this, post!
For a long long time it was one of my most read, and today I'm doing doing a follow up post. Again entitled 'This is me' and again answering a few questions all about me.  
The same as the original, this post is in response to a Liebster award nomination, in fact it's in response to three. Over the last few weeks I've been nominated for three Liebster awards! I'm so so shocked, and honored that people enjoy my blog enough to want to ask questions, get to know me more and at the same time recommend my blog to others! 
Instead of doing the big long list of things you're meant to do when nominated for one of these awards, I'm simply going to answer the questions that were asked! 
So that I'm not answering 33 questions, and boring you out of your minds; I've taken my favourites and have answered 10 questions for you! 
The three lovely ladies who nominated me for the awards and asked me the questions are; Emma,Andrea and KirstyIf you want to check out their blogs, then simply click on their names!
Here we go ladies and gents, the questions and a bit more about little ol' me! 

How Do you plan on Spending your summer?
Well, If I'm being official my summer started on Thursday June 27th, as that was the day I finished college for the summer. But in my head it started on July 1st, as that was the beginning of the first week where I'd finished college and work experience. 
Meaning I've got two whole months to relax and enjoy myself! Over those 2 months I've got a heck of a lot planned! This includes a trip to Camden Market with my Mum, my birthday and all the celebrations to do with that, many of which I will be doing posts on! I'm going to a festival, called Soul Survivor, at the end of July/beginning of August with a group of 11/12 friends which is super exciting! Me and my parents are going to Cyprus, a few days after I come back from the festival, after that I don't really know what I'm doing for the rest of the summer! But I'm so so excited to see what this summer holds, as it's an extra long one and I already know I've got lots of lovely things planned! Although the one down side is that I get my AS results, but I'm away when they come out, meaning I've got to get them when I get home, but my parents think they may not have arrived! So that's kinda nerve wracking! 
Me at Soul Survivor last year! 

What's your dream job?
Ooh! This is an interesting question! I honestly don't have too much of an idea! I know I want to do something in either fashion or media, and after my two weeks of work experience I know I want to do something to do with writing! I also loved setting up a fashion shoot whilst doing WE at my local paper so maybe something to do with that!  

What's your favourite book?
Oh flipping heck! Why! I can't just pick one! 
One of my favourite authors is a lady called Sarah Dessen, her books are amazing, so so beautifully written and she has such a poetic writing style! My favourite of hers is one of her more recent books called Along for the Ride. I Would've taken a picture of it/me with it, but I've lent it plus another one of her books to one of my friends, as she's just finished her A2's so has free time on her hands too!

Where would you love to live?
If we're talking about what dreams are made of, then either NYC or London. London, is obviously the more likely answer, as it's in England, I think it's such a beautiful and awesome and crazy city! In all honesty I just want to go to New York, and if I had the chance to live there for a bit, would I? Who knows? Getting the chance to visit New York would be a dream come true, let alone live there!  

Who is your favourite blogger?
Ooh, I like this one!  I have so so many! The first is Lily from Llymlrs. Hers was the first blog I ever read, and  I still love reading her blog and watching her videos. I was reading her blog long before I'd even considered starting my own, and I just love love love her style. The second is Sammi from Beauty Crush, I love her fashion sense, and how she wears things in ways I'd never even think! I love how her style is a bit 'grundgy' too!
Two of my other favourite bloggers are both called Megan! The first is Megan from the Briar Rose Blog, she's just so pretty and her outfits are always so beautiful and lady like and perfect! I also love, her love of Disney, definitely a girl after my own heart there! The other Megan is from What's new Pussy cat and her blog is a more recent discovery! Her outfits are always so varied yet lovely, and she always looks so sophisticated yet cool! 

Oh gosh, and I can't forget Caroline from Burkatron either! Her blog is beautiful, such a wonderful collision of nail art, fashion and lifestyle! Her outfits are always so lovely! 
(To go to their blogs simply click on their blog titles or picture)   

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What is your favourite magazine?
COMPANY MAGAZINE! Easiest answer ever! I love love love it! One day I'd love to work there, a girl can dream right! 

What is the one item of make-up you always have to have in your handbag?
Concealer! It's a must, and is always great in a spotty or red skinned emergency! Like when I was doing work experience a week or so ago, I had a really red spot on the side of my nose. It was so obvious, so out popped the concealer and the problem was masked!

Who's your favourite band/singer?
Man, this is another hard one! I've been discovering so many amazing artists recently! I guess my all time favourite, has to be Miss Taylor Swift! Her lyrics are just so perfect, and I just love singing or in some cases dancing along to them! She was even my first style crush of the year, post here. However recently the beautiful tinkerings of Ben Howard have been filling my ears and life! Boy that guy knows how to write a song and play a guitar so perfectly, although it's not the greatest music to listen to when you're feeling a little down and out! Oh, and I can't forget my Tyler! Tyler Hilton is definitely another favourite of mine! He's awesome!  

Who is your biggest style influence/celebrity style icon?
This may sound a little odd, but I think one of my biggest style influences is the people I see on the street! If I see someone wearing something nice, or wearing a combination that I like then I'll definitely think how could I try that out with what I have! I love pinterest for that too! So much inspiration! 
A few of my celebrity style icons include Taylor, the Olsens, Lucy Hale, Lily Collins! I love looking at what these people are wearing, but I don't necessarily try and copy them! I've done three style crush posts on the blog over the last 10 or so months! So click, here, here and here to see them! I've got a few more planned too! Below is a few pictures of some of my style crushes, some of whom you may see in upcoming posts!     
Fearne Cotton, Elizabeth Olsen, Lucy Hale, Lily Collins and Vanessa Hudgens!
How did you start blogging?
Honestly I don't really know How i started blogging. It's something I'd been thinking about doing for a long long time, and one day I just decided I was going to do it! I was just going to go for it. I knew if I kept thinking about it, then i'd be thinking forever. So I simply went for it, I knew I had nothing to loose. I loved fashion and loved writing, so why not start a blog! I pushed my doubts back and went for it. I didn't think, I just did! I'm the best person for over analysing things, I can think think think all day, and not get any further in actually doing anything, in actually taking any action in any direction.
So instead of thinking about starting a blog, I actually started one. I took my plans and thoughts out of my head, and made it a reality. 
I didn't think, I just did!   
I did't let my fears, doubts or over analysing mind get in the way! I simply jumped in feet first, and I'm wholeheartedly glad I did!

There you have it my lovelies! I hope you've enjoyed that! I apologise if some of that made no sense at all, I'm not the best at articulating myself! If you did enjoy that then please let me know in the comments! And if you have any other questions then be sure to let me know, by either popping them in the comments box of giving me a tweet (@Holl_JC) and I'll do another of these posts soon! 
Love and cuddles   
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