The time of our lives #5

Saturday, 16 March 2013
Hey beautiful ones! 
Hope you're doing well, and you have or have had great days! 
Today I'm here with the first half of my March insta updates! Well updates from the 1st to 15th anyhow, so sit back relax and have a nice little nosey! Because i know I love these posts! 
Oh and if you want to follow me on instragram then click the button to the left, click here or my user name thingy is 'holljc'! 

What my mini year diary calls March, somehow i don't think so!/the sun came out and the sunnies went on, for like a day/my nails/CREME EGGS!/so true/apple juice in my frees, perfect...
Can't wait for the day when i never have to look at this book again!/mothers day sorted, the pretty pattern on the bag!/new fruit ninga high score!/starbucks and friends in the mornings, perfect! Having a starbucks in college is always helpful!/ so so true! CS Lewis, what a legend/this months company was waiting for me when i got home...
Me ready to go out!/At the cinema to see 'Oz the great and powerful'/family cinema trip/all my recent company magazines! I have issues going back to 2010! (hoarder)/love this/This months crafty creatives arrived!
A big mess, but future planning and uni hunting has officially started/me wearing my red nose day tee/my mum got me a dino red nose, eeeppppp...

So there we have it! The first half of March's instagram updates! If you want to see more of this, then either follow me on instagram 'holljc' or on here, via either bloglovin or GFC.
Talking about that, I'm sure most of you will have heard or seen somewhere in the blogasphere that in July google are closing google reader, and there have been hints that they'll be axing GFC soon after. Now in all honesty i really do not understand any of this, and it's kinda confusing me, alot
But, so that whatever happens, whether GFC stays or goes and all that jazz, you can still follow this little corner of the internet through bloglovin! (they seem to be the saviours of the blog world atm) You can either click the plummy coloured 'B' to the left, or click here! Bloglovin have also got this awesome feature where it lets you transfer all the blogs you are following straight to your BL dash, or whatever it's called. Which i thought was quite cool!
Have you got instagram? Do you enjoy these sorts of posts? Do you understand any of this google reader, GFC stuff? Or are you just as confused as me?
Love and cuddles
God bless
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Oh and if you would like to see another 'This is me' or about me q&a post, then let me know and put your questions in the comments below, and I'll get that post up as soon as possible! 
7 comments on "The time of our lives #5"
  1. Very very sweet

  2. such a cute post. I'm uni hunting too now, i find it so exciting. have yo got any favourites yet?

  3. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  4. great photos

    check out my new post


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