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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Outfit -
Jacket - Newlook
T-shirt - Camden Market
Jeans - Topshop Leigh
Bag - Camden Market
Necklace - Shop on holiday
Nail Varnish - Bonita Nail Enamel 'Picasso Blue'
Rings - H&M, Camden Market, Pia
Shoes - Toms

Hey beautiful people! 
Hope you've had a lovely day! This was my outfit today, and I have to say, I kinda misjudged the weather. It was a good job I had my gloves in my bag, cause it was rather chilly! But never mind ey.
To be honest, I really really really like this outfit! And I can't wait to wear it, and others like it when it warms up a bit and it's not freezing cold. 
I want spring, I want spring, I want spring!
It really is a wonderful time of year.
Anyhow, if you follow me on instagram (holljc), then you might have seen that me and my mum went to Manchester the other day; and whilst there I picked up a few things. Two of which I wore today. I've needed a new pair of plain jeans for a few months now, but by the time I got around to actually getting some, my local topshop had closed for refurbishment. So whilst in Manchester we popped into Topshop and picked up two things. One of which was this pair of black leigh jeans. Although they're rather pricey topshop's jeans are always pretty good; and comfy too!
My jacket is the other part of this outfit that I got the other day. I had some New look vouchers left over from Christmas, and hadn't seen anything in my local New look that I liked. So took them with me to Manchester. And pretty much, as soon as we walked into the shop, I spotted this jacket and fell in love. These boy-friend type jackets have been everywhere, and it was a pretty good price too. At about half the price of the ones you see in places like topshop. It's also awesome, as because of the colour(s) I'll be able to mix and match it with lots of other items. Which is always good!
What do you think of my outfit? Would you wear it? Do you buy topshop jeans? Do you like my jacket?
Love and cuddles
God bless    

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  1. I love your jacket!

    Http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

  2. That jacket and that necklace are gorgeous! x

  3. Lovely and well put together outfit :) I agree Topshop jeans are nice and comfy! Xx

  4. Such a cute outfit! I love the length of your jacket! <3

    Lost in the Haze: A Fashion Photography Blog

  5. I did exactly the same thing the other day too, it looked so nice outside..got half way down the street and had to go back to get a thicker coat and gloves! brrr. I love that jacket, I've been lusting after a very similar one!

    louisejoyb x

  6. cute outfit:)
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    xoxo Veselina

  7. I LOVE how you paired the outfit with accessories, shoes, hair and nail color - looks amazing, Holl!

  8. Love your bag and jacket :) x


  9. That necklace is beyond cute! x

  10. lovely blog, it's all really cute anf friendly!

    kitty xo; http://kittyhannon.blogspot.co.uk/


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