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Friday, 25 January 2013

Hey everyone!
Bit of a different post today. The lovely Kate (blog here) has nominated me for a Liebster Award (post here), which I'm very thankful for! This post is a bit late coming as she nominated me over 10 days ago now, but never mind! 
Instead of doing all the (long) list of things you're meant to do when you're nominated, I just thought I'd be quite nice for me answer her questions, so you lovely people (and her) can find out a bit more about me! Oh and go check out her blog too, if you've got a spare 5 mos!
Here we go! My answers to Kate's 11 questions;
 1) Can you explain what is happening in your favourite photograph?
I don’t really have a favourite photograph, it changes ALL the time and I mean all the time! I have about 7 photo frames around my room, and they’re constantly being changed. Plus the wall above my desk is covered in photos too, i have so many that I love! 
 2) Where is your favourite place to hide?
Favourite place to hide? Like what? But anyway, I’ll interpret this in my own little Holl way. I guess my favourite place to hide is in my head. I’m a huge day dreamer, and escapism is my best friend! There’s this quote that sums it up nicely; "The fairy tale inside your head has become your new best friend" And i guess, when life gets to much i often retreat into the fairy tales or daydreams inside myself. Gosh i sound like such a freak, never mind ey! This is how the best stories started, worlds inside their creators minds. But if that doesn't count for an appropriate answer, then I guess my room! It’s my little cave, as my mum calls it!
 3) All time best read?
Gosh these things are freaking hard! Like best read? You can’t make me pick this! Honestly, i don’t think you can actually compare books, they’re subjective. It’s like beauty, in the eye of the beholder (reader) But one of my favourite authors is a lady called Sarah Dessen! Her books are a bit fluffy and slightly predictable, but at the same time make you want to turn the page. Which is exactly what i need out of a book. If it doesn’t make me want to turn the page, it gets put back on the shelf! There's so many books that others have recommended to me and I've put down after I've got half way, simply because it just didn't make me want to read on! Oh yeah, and the Hunger Games & Narnia have to be up there as well! Narnia is like my childhood! We can't forget that! 
 4) Easiest way to your heart?
Gosh I really don’t know. I guess someone who can make me laugh, but not just hehee, like properly laugh so my cheeks and tummy hurt! Yeah, someone who can make me laugh and  giggle, and just brings a whole lotta laughter and fun and hilarity and crazy into my life!
I didn't know whether to post my second half of the answer to this question cause I don't know if people will get it, or if it makes any sort of sense. But I'll post it anyway! So let me know if it does make sense or not! 
I guess make me feel ‘special’, like I’m not your second choice. Cause that’s one thing I really don't like, when people mess you around and make you feel like you're just there for them to pick up and put down, when there's no one better around! I really don't know if that makes sense? It does in my head anyway. 
5) What is your favourite TV show?
Okay, if you’ve read my ‘About Holl’ page you’ll know I love Stories full stop! So this and question 3 are just the hardest things ever. But, I think I can give you my top 3! Yeah, 3 will have to do!
-Gossip Girl - Because it’s absolutely brilliant and gives you so many feels with in 5 minutes! It's made me cry, and it's made me laugh so hard my mum's come running up the stairs thinking I was crying! (true story)
- The Tribe – I know i know, nobody has EVER heard of this show! But it’s amazing, and if you actually know what I'm talking about on this one then, please please please comment below! Because well, we can be bma forever and ever!

-Then my last one is Waterloo Road, one tree hill or PLL. But I don’t know which. I just get way to heavily and emotionally invested in these tv shows! I’m so so so bad! 

6) If money was no object, where would you love to go on holiday?

Ahh! I like this one! Alot! Okay, so my first reaction was DISNEY LAND! (Florida) Because I’m Disney obsessed and would totally live there if i could! But then I realised that there’s loads of other places that I want to go, like New York!! So - I'd do a tour of America! All the cool places! Especially Disney Florida and New York- Oh dear this question is getting me exited for things that’ll never happen! #sadface 
Me and my mum in Disney a few years ago.

  7) What is your favourite item of clothing right now?

Errm, i actually don’t know! I have so many clothes I love. Hence why I have a fashion blog! But I do love my pajamas! Like I live in them! As soon as I get in from college or where ever I've been that day they go straight on! I have so many different pj's as well!  
8) Any trips planned?
Yep! Quite a few! Some day trips, some a bit longer;
-At the beginning of February (next weekend) me, my parents and Grandparents are going to London to see Cirque Du Soleil. We got my grandparents tickets for their Golden Wedding anniversary, and decided we wanted to go too! Me and my mum & dad have seen Cirque Du Soleil a few times and its INCREDIBLE
-At the end of March we’re going to the Harry Potter Studio tour! Eeeep! So exited!
-Beginning of April I’m going away with Group! The post from our last holiday is (here).
-Then at the end of July me and some of my friends are going to a festival called Soul Survivor. Which I’m uber exited about!
I'll be doing posts about all of these, so keep your eyes open for those!
Me at Soul Survivor last year!

9) Do you know what you want to do with your future? 
Haha, lol. NOPE! And it’s literally the world’s most annoying thing ever. And now at the stage i’m in, in education, it’s all people ask. What do you want to do in the future? What do you want to do at uni? Etc, and i have no freaking clue and it’s so frustrating. Help! Although I do know one thing, well maybe two! That I want to get married and have a family. Oh and maybe change the world, a girl can dream ey!
10) Cats or Dogs?
DOGS! Although cats have been growing on me recently! But definitely dogs! 
11) Books or films?
PASSS! I passs on this question. 
Anyway, 99.9% of the time if a film is based on a book, then without a doubt the book. But apart from that I like them equally. They’re both telling stories after all, and i love stories! Because sometimes you're just in the right mood or need to go and hide in a book and loose yourself in a different world for a few hours, and it just makes you feel ten times better. But sometimes you just need to sit down with some chocolate and watch a film that will make you laugh and giggle, (Angus thongs and perfect snogging) or one that you get stupidly into as you're watching it for the millionth time, yet you still complain about the battle tactics. (LOTR's I'm looking at you!)

So there we go! The answers to Kate's 11 questions! I hope you found that interesting! If you want to know anything else about me, or have any more questions; then stick them in the comments! And I might do another of these random q&a posts next month, but we'll see! 
Did you like that post? What would your answers to Kate's questions be? Would you like to see another post like this?    
Love and cuddles
God Bless 

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  1. This is a really cute post, I've only just found and followed your blog but its been no e to get to know lots about you already! I love your hair and your style too, can't wait to see more xxx

  2. cute!


  3. such a lovely post! loved reading these

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  4. Lovely post. I really like your studded jumper! X

  5. I love Gossip Girl too! Have you seen the last ever episode yet? It's very exciting! Pretty Little Liars is another great show, if you ever come across that- I'm hooked! Xx

    1. I have! The last episode was incredible! Had me on the edge of my seat, until the very last moment! Pretty Little Liars is amazing too, even more suspense filled than Gossip Girl! xxx

  6. interesting post..cute sunglasses

  7. I remember The Tribe! I used to watch it when I was younger, not seen it is yeeeears though! I remember it being pretty good. I'd totally forgotten about it to be honest!
    Blast from the past haha.



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