Jack Frost nipping on your nose..

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Outfit - 
Jumper - Topshop
Shorts - Pull and Bear

Hey my lovelies! Hope your weeks are going well so far! All i can say is Jack Frost and his minions really came out in force today! Like it was freaking freezing! Especially on the way home, like I came out of college at 3 and it was black. Like pitch black and flipping freezing. Oh well I guess it goes with the territory of "winter"
So today I give you another semi-winter appropriate outfit. I think it's becoming a bit of a trend for me to be honest. I get one half of me all nice and wrapped up warm, then the other part is just left to freeze. I'm probably going to have to sort this out at some point, because it's seemingly getting colder and apparently snow is on the way (a girl can dream)
I'm kind of dreading writing this next bit simply because I know your all gonna pretty much kill me for it. But, I had this jumper for Christmas last year, wore it on Christmas day and then haven't worn it since. It's just been hanging in my wardrobe for almost a year. I know, I was a moron! I guess I was a bit freaked out by the colour of it, how bright and bold it is. But I've learnt my lesson; this warm, snugly, cuddly and beautiful jumper is AMAZING! I'm kinda sad I didn't grow a pair and just wear it sooner, but never mind, I got there eventually. And well, I think I'm in love. Its so so soft and comfy and fits under my leather jacket perfectly! Which is like epic, as this is always my problem with jumpers. I've just totally fallen in love with the colour too! And I got so many compliments about it at college today, which was really nice! 
I think one of my other issues with this jumper was I didn't really know what to wear it with, and then last night I was thinking about what to wear and this just popped into my head. AKA, the less winter appropriate part of my outfit, my staple green denim shorts. They're so easy to wear and amazingly comfy too. So when I put this outfit on this morning and realised that they actually looked pretty good together, I knew I wasn't taking it off. I think the colours match pretty well, but what do you guys think?
Do you think my shorts and jumper match? What do you think of my jumper? Is it cold where you are? Have you got any snow?
Love and cuddles 
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8 comments on "Jack Frost nipping on your nose.."
  1. yup, it's awful out there! Hope it doesn't get any worse, don't think i'll be able to cope! x

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  3. That sweater is so cute I love the colors, looks great on you too :)

  4. that jumper is lovely...and I love your cupcake poster


  5. cute jumper

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  6. You look adorable! I love the jumper!

  7. I love that orange colour of your sweater! <3 So perfect for brightening up winter!

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  8. Love the jumper it's so pretty! No snow here yet but I'm hoping it stays that way so it doesn't wreck my birthday plans for next weekend ha x


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