Eleven pipers piping...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blouse - Topshop
Shorts - TK Maxx
Cardigan - Topshop

Hey lovelies! Hope your week's have started well. My history teacher was at a finance meeting so I got to finish an hour early, which is always nice. Firstly I would like to say sorry these pictures are a bit all over the place. The light in my room was horrendous add that to my camera having a wobbly, and getting good pictures was a nightmare. But I got there eventually, so hey ho! 
A pretty simple little outfit for today. My blouse is a really really old Topshop one, that just happens to be in one of those colours that everyone's wearing at the moment. I guess I was ahead of the times or something, hehe. But that maroon-ish ox-blood colour seems to be everywhere, and this has just been sitting in my wardrobe for ages. When I first got this blouse I wore it to death, but haven't worn it as much recently. Then this morning I was having one of 'those' mornings when it came to choosing clothes, and decided I may as well try it on. As you can see I didn't take it off and rather like this outfit! I actually really like the colour of this blouse, even if it is EVERYWHERE atm. And I think it matches my floral TK Maxx shorts quite well. The purpley pinks seem to go pretty nicely with the colour of my blouse. It's always nice to find new outfit combinations, and ways of wearing things! 
Again I matched this with my staple Topshop white/cream cardigan, it's just so so comfy and easy to wear. Plus it matches everything! And in this weather you really need to layer up, which I'm horrendous at! Like I just don't do winter dressing at all! 
Have you got anything a similar colour to my blouse? Do you like dressing for winter? Are you good at it?
Love and cuddles 
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12 comments on "Eleven pipers piping..."
  1. Pretty!



  2. Super super super cute look!

    ox from NYC!


  3. Cute outfit! I love the colours xx


  4. i love the print on ur shorts, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work, ill be visiting again very soon :)

    Andrea Antoniou

  5. I love the shorts, and your ombre hair looks so good! x

  6. love your blouse.


  7. Beautiful! I love your hair!


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