The dog days are over..

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

 Outfit - 
Leather jacket - Topshop
T-shirt - Bershka
Cardigan - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Scarf - Primark 

Ladies and Gentleman the winter weather has officially arrived! 
Hey all! Well this week the cold weather has come and come with force! Its been freaking freezing! My winter woollies have come out of hiding and I don't see them going away any time soon! My outfit was pretty standard for college today, especially as I wanted to make sure I was as wrapped up as possible.
My scarf is lovely and soft, and the perfect light pink colour. It may be primark, but i find that actually its best to get your scarfs, gloves and hats or woolly versions from places where they're not gonna be mega expensive. As you always end up living in them! I've had my scarf since last year and its in good nick to be honest! Its lasted well! Which is what you want with your woollies. I always find that if you get your knits from places like primark you can often get two or three of the same item in different colours (to match EVERYTHING)for the same price as one from somewhere like Topshop. I also have to say Newlook do pretty awesome knits for pretty decent prices! I got the most amazing hat and cardigan and they're so soft and comfy yet warm! There woolly hats are around £3-4 compared to the £10-12 plus, that i nearly paid from Topshop. Now I'm not gonna lie when it comes to clothes, probably half my wardrobe is from Topshop, and I really do love it! But when it comes to winter accessories I just think there are some better options out there! That may or may not last longer but your purse strings will definitely thank you for!      
My t-shirt is a love of mine! Although to be honest I haven't worn it in a while, but its just so lovely I couldn't resist it today. I remember when I first saw it in Bershka on holiday I couldn't take my eyes of it! The little dog is just so cute and inviting! And always brings a smile to my face when i see the t-shirt! It just adds a cute and playful element to my wardrobe and outfits! It definitely brightened up my rather cold and chilly day! I think a t-shirt like that could be an essential in your wardrobe, something that just makes you smile and grin. Whether its a statement tee with a joke or slogan to make you giggle or a t-shirt with a cute little friend! 
Have you got a t-shirt like mine? Or one that makes you giggle or simply brings a smile to your face? What have you been wearing to keep warm now the temperature's dropped? Where's your favourite place to get winter accessories?
Love and cuddles      
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PS!- Here is the whole group picture from my group holiday, that I promised to show you all! See if you can spot me! 

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  2. love the outfit! and yeah, it's freezing in the UK! :)


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