Miracle cream?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

There are so many miracle creams, gels, lotions and potions 'available to buy from all good retaliers'. Most of which are to do with anti-ageing,and people are never sure if they'll actually work. But in my first 'lifestyle' or none fashion related post, I decided to talk about something which has literally changed my life! Not in a huge ass way, but in a little step by step way, that's made a difference over time!
And that is the; Clean and Clear, Advantage fast action Spot Treatment Gel! I don't know when I first started using it, all I remember is that my mum brought it home one day and its been an essential part of my make up bag ever since!
I've had spots for pretty much the last 7 years, without end; as puberty decided to hit me slightly early! And this little tube is the first thing I've found that's actually helped! It may be a small little thing, but its one of those, good things in small packages moments!
I usually use it in the evenings before I go to bed or in the morning if I'm not going out until later in the day. I simply put it on to the spot or area of concern; and it helps to take the redness out, calm the area down and normally make the spot smaller. Its not one of those put it on 5 mins before you go out because you've suddenly realised you've got a spot things, that'll actually work. The box says it 'helps reduce spots within 4 hours' and honestly I'd say that, that was pretty accurate. Maybe not in exactly four hours, but somewhere around that and it often helps to calm the spot down.
If I put it on before bed, then i often notice that the redness and largeness of spots has reduced by quite alot, when I wake up in the morning. And just a small, pea sized amount will do on each area!

I'd recommend this to and for anyone, who like me is having to deal with the problem of spots, teenager or not! For me it's a must have in my make up bag, and I've noticed some small little miracles in the results! Have you got any 'miracle' products; that you've noticed real results for?
Love and cuddles
Holl JC xxxx
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