Mini Wooly Haul

Sunday, 2 September 2012
  Haul items-
Cardigan- Newlook
Hat- Newlook
T-shirt-Forever 21
Skirt-Miss Selfridge
Necklace- Shop on holiday
Yesterday I went shopping with my mum, and recently I've been thinking about the autumn/winter clothes that I need or hadn't already got in my wardrobe. And yesterday was the perfect opportunity to try and find some of those items; a wooly cardigan and a winter hat. I've got one or two cardigans in my wardrobe already, but they're all rather thin and I knew that with irratic British weather that I could do with a thicker one to last me through the crazy winter months. And when I went into Newlook a few weeks ago with a friend, I saw they had some really nice ones. I was looking for a thick winter weather cardigan that I could wear with pretty much everything; and this one fitted the bill perfectly! Its pretty large, extremely comfy and soft, and the right colour that it will go with nearly everything in my wardrobe. The one I brought was a size 10, but really a size 8 would've done, I just wanted something big and loose, plus 10 was the smallest size they had; and I'll be able to layer it to my hearts content!
The second thing in my mini wooly haul, was a cream wooly hat, again from Newlook. I already have a brown wooly hat, i got last year in the sales but was looking for another one that was a simpler and plainer colour, so that I could wear it with more clothes and outfits; and this one was just right! Wooly hats are the perfect accessory for autumn/winter weather; as they keep your head warm, look great and can cover up any hair mishaps! Which is always an uber plus!
I got both wooly items in cream, as its a generic and simple colour that goes with most other colours and patterns; so I could wear them with almost everything in my wardrobe should I wish todo so. In the end I got both my purchases from Newlook, as it had everything I needed and Newlook always seems todo clothes at a resonable price. And my whole haul came in at nearly £20, which is a whole lot less than if I'd gone to some of the other shops on the high street. Which is a mega bonus, for a cash strapped teenager! I can't wait to get some use out of my new woolies, do you have any favourite winter/wooly items, you pull out every year?
Love and cuddles,
Holl JC xxxx
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